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Various plants (in no particular order) that you can regrow from the food you already have! Woot! Way to reuse and recycle! I constantly have green onions and celery growing. (And potatoes/sweet potatoes but that just because they decided to do that in my pantry) Do you guys regrow any of your food? Apples- Tomatoes-…

15 foods you can regrow from scraps. I've started growing green onions and celery from the scraps. I have celery stalks after just two weeks of growth! I've already been able to use the growth from the green onion and it keeps growing.

20 Creative DIY Wine Bottle Ideas

Idea for Aimee to make ibstead of wine bottles?* would be awesome in the gameroom/man's cave* DIY Lamp. I made one of these using a demo wine bottle and it turned out great! Just buy the bottle lamp kits at walmart!

Shelves from reclaimed wood and wine bottles. I love this but I wonder how sturdy it would be?

Pin for Later: 15 Inspired Ways to Decorate With Empty Wine Bottles A Wine Shelf With some specially cut boards, it's possible to make a one-of-a-kind wine shelf.