"Puns are the highest form of literature." ― Alfred Hitchcock
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some people think my puns are rather juvenile i prefer to think of them as full gran
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a cartoon tree is shown with the caption saying, you should cedar ring magnana got her birthday you never pine over me like that and it's not oak in fact
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three black birds standing next to each other on top of a white background with the words scientific
four different types of wood and metal items with caption in the bottom right corner
Wooden whistle
two owls sitting next to each other in front of a white background
There is so many adorable things about this.
there is a sign that says it was struck by a bottle of omega
Physical Therapy Shirts
the incredible hulk quote from the avengers movie
Banner man
Hulk as billboard
a sign that reads bread is like the sun it rises in the yeast and sets in the waist
20 Puns That Are Equal Parts Stupid And Hilarious
20 Puns That Are Equal Parts Stupid And Hilarious
The many types of Fords. Meme, Haha, Chistes, Fotos, Mor
The many types of Fords.
a drawing of a man's face with the words, i don't trust those trees, son