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an image of a wooden book shelf with two open doors on the top and bottom
Modular Bar Wine Grid Hutch
Modular Bar Wine Grid Hutch | Ana White
a wooden display with paint tubes in it
Porta Pintura Acrilica Tipo Estanteria Para 40 Potes - $ 7.200
a wooden display with many different colored pencils in it's holder and the bottom section is made out of plywood
Mayorista Mayorista de Artículos de Regalo - AWArtisan - AW Artisan
Expositores Incienso
there are many different types of appliances in this room
Three Etsy Custom Orders ready to ship
Three ETSY custom handmade art storage racks ready to ship - One Two Tier Art Storage Cart made with an upgraded 5/8" dowel that holds larger canvas on the bottom and up to 24" tall on top. - One Enclosed Art Storage Rack with included Top Shelf for additional storage space. - One Wall Mount Art Storage/Drying rack made with an upgraded 5/8"dowel for added strength. This rack has hardware recessed on the backside so it can be wall mounted or used for vertical storage.
a wooden rack with two pictures on it's sides and four wheels attached to each other
UNZERO Art Storage Rack with Caster Wheels, Wood Storage Stand for Canvas Boards, Panel, Frame, Drawing Board, Printed Matter, Paper Pad, Backing Plate
PRICES MAY VARY. Beautiful Grain Solid Wood: Made of beech wood and coated with furniture grade varnish. It is waterproof and durable. The wood grain is beautiful and elegant. It is very suitable for studios, family studios, galleries, museums and other places. Easy To Move: With 4 caster wheels with lock function, you can easily and effortlessly move and fix your canvas storage rack to any area you need. Perfect Home for Artworks: A comfortable and suitable storage solution for all your artwork
a television is sitting on top of a shelf with shelves and brooms in front of it
a bookshelf with many books on it's wheels and one is empty
Lager für Keilrahmen, Gemälde - Auboi
Große Leinwandstützen - Meuble de rangement en bois | Auboi
a man standing in the doorway of a book shelf filled with books and papers on wheels
Art Storage for Artists, Art Collectors, Art Museums, and Art Galleries.
Art Studio Storage for storing ar; paintings, drawings, prints, art supplies, and more.