A wireframe staircase leads to a new top floor inside this renovated apartment in Milan by architect Francesco Librizzi. The staircase is made from 14mm-wide lengths of iron, which create ladder-like treads inside a rectilinear tower.

nope that's a ladder."This metal staircase, designed by Francesco Librizzi Studio, sits in House C, a house in Milan that still has many original details. The staircase takes up little space in the small room and leads to a loft-like sleeping area.

SPAR Flagshipstore / LAB5 Architects

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Spar supermarket displays groceries between curved wooden ribs – Dutch supermarket Spar’s flagship store in Budapest features a series of un.

Paleet shopping center, Oslo   Norway restaurant fashion cafe bar

The renewed Paleet aims to be a destination for inspiration, fashion and urban experiences, not only for those shopping in London or Milan, but also for the visitors seeking unique brands and skilled Norwegian staff.

Baita Italia / SLOW Architects

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Baita Italia / SLOW Architects Hotel in Vanke Lake Songhua Resort, Jilin, China. The Italian name means "a place that allows climbers to rest.

Gallery of Treves & Hyde / Grzywinski+Pons - 17

Gallery of Treves & Hyde / Grzywinski+Pons - 17

Detail of Giuseppe Giorgetti's "Martyrdom of St Sebastian" of 1671. Basilica di San Sebastiano ad Catacumbas, Via Appia Antica, Rome.

Detail of Giuseppe Giorgetti’s Martyrdom of St Sebastian of Basilica di San Sebastiano ad Catacumbas, Via Appia Antica, Rome.

In the light of Istanbul

Italian retreat of artist Juan Lealruiz

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