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Hello London!

Elizabeth Tower (Big Ben) at the Palace of Westminster in London, England

Marble Fireplace, statement lighting, living room or dining room

I really like arrow tattoos, but I'm afraid they are just another trendy tattoo.

hmmm like the arrow heads! Maybe just an arrow head somewhere.

Love this photo. Some family's do not get water or food, some people do not have homes or clothes, some kids die from being sick or getting hurt by wild animals. All i'm saying is this is a pretty photo because most family's die just from all kinds of stuff.

"Sometimes pure joy comes from the very thing that most people take for granted.

I want my pictures like this

10 unique wedding photo poses and ideas for your big day! - This would actually be an amazing engagement photo

my heart melted

Couple Photo. Love this one.

Ah, fall engagement pictures! obsessed with this preppy themed engagement picnic. love the fall colors.

Rainy night

Walk in the snow. Wear protective foot wear and walk. The sound of snow falling is romantic. Reward yourself by a glass of low calorie tea at the coffee shop you walk to.

tattoos & typography | I like the top left type for a tattoo

69 Inspirational Typography Tattoos ~ Love the top left font.

Coastal living room

Love this ceiling. Really exaggerates the vaulted ceiling