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two women jumping off rocks into a river in the jungle, with waterfall behind them
OAHU TRAVEL GUIDE: Jump off Maunowili Falls on Oahu. More Hawaii travel ideas on our site
a woman is running down the road with her arms in the air and mountains in the background
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a woman standing on top of a rock next to a waterfall
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The Fit Life &Mdash; Guarded: Via Weheartit
an instagram page with two people hanging from palm trees in the jungle, and one person on a rope
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a woman walking up the side of a mountain on a ladder
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Makeup, Style & Beauty
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a woman sitting on top of a rock next to the ocean with text that reads things you should do every time you travel
Life at Home
Travel Tips for the next time you travel :: The ultimate travel bucket list
a blackboard with the words adventure bucket list on it
adventure travel bucket list challenge instagram story template
a man standing on top of a mountain next to a lake and snow covered mountains
2015 Christmas Guide | Backpackers And Nomads | Jebiga Design & Lifestyle
The mountains are calling! Check out our list --> 2015 Christmas Gift Guide For Backpackers And Nomads on
a woman standing on the side of a road looking down at a valley and mountains
BLOG — Paige Jones
The Road by Paige Jones
a woman standing in front of a waterfall with her arms up and legs spread out
standing underneath the waterfall // exploration / jungle
a woman standing on the edge of a cliff next to a body of water in front of a house
The Ultimate Balkans Road Trip Itinerary
If you are planning a road trip in the Balkans, don't skip this post! Goin through Macedonia, Serbia, Kosovo, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Bulgaria and Turkey, this is the ultimate Balkans road trip itinerary; it that will bring you through cities, mountains, bunkers, waterfalls, and beaches for the adventure of a lifetime.
a group of people hiking up the side of a green mountain with grass on both sides
a woman climbing up the side of a mountain with skis on her feet and poles
Wandering Wildhorn Women
We are happy to have some rad, epic women in our Wildhorn community. They inspire us and hopefully we can pass that adventurous spirit on to you! Here, some