Gina Birgitte Balgaard

Gina Birgitte Balgaard

Gina Birgitte Balgaard
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Elf on the Shelf fishing

Jingles is fishing for Goldfish Crackers - Elf On The Shelf: A Christmas Tradition! Have a ball with this cheeky little elf this Christmas!

25 Elf on the Shelf QUICK EASY Ideas that take Under 5 mins!

Sparkle brings an early Christmas gift. Glow sticks for everyone. These are the funniest ones I've seen. 25 Elf on the Shelf QUICK & EASY ideas.

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Our Elf on a Shelf made his grand reappearance for the holidays, arriving with a tree atop his John Deer tractor, driven by an elf. Not John Deere tractor though!

200 Easy Elf on the Shelf Ideas - Raining Hot Coupons

Who else does Elf on the Shelf at Christmas time? If you haven't heard of this Christmas craze, Elf on the Shelf is a little red Elf.

Lollie Gags - Primitive and Proper

Elf on a shelf Primitive & Proper: Lollie Gags; elf on the shelf dressed as rudolph 5 Reasons Your Body Needs Apple Cider Vinegar {with tips.

We scoured Pinterest for 30 way-too-cute Elf on the Shelf poses we'd never seen before...let these i

"Keep cleaning, Buddy, keep cleaning!" This would be good for the day after shaving cream or lipstick on the mirror! Elf on the Shelf ideas