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some art work is laying out on the table
Drawing Negative Space!
This lesson is a fun and creative method for teaching the important drawing skill negative space! Students create a 6x9 composition adding their own original spin in the surrounding negative space! Perfect for middle or high schools students! More student work may be viewed on our classroom Instagram @mrs_tfox - Happy Teaching!
five different colored cards with designs on them
Element of Design Booklets
Each student chose a silhouette for their Element of Design Accordion Booklet and illustrated examples on each panel. The project reminded me of a similar project I had done in college while in Des…
an assortment of different colored ice creams and cakes on paper with crayons
Elements of Design – Art Brut Sessions
Elements of Design | Art Brut Sessions
the instructions for how to make an adult size converse shoe with pictures and text on it
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Pop Art Worksheet with multiple tasks
a poster with writing on it that says,'concept pattern history string under the tree '
Pattern Project Posters
Here are some of the projects students will be undertaking over the next few weeks:
a poster with instructions for how to draw people in different poses and positions on it
Lines from the Art Room
Lines from the Art Room: September 2011
a whiteboard with writing on it and some pictures in the bottom right hand corner
Projects to Help Learn about LINE
This week students will begin new projects to learn about the art element LINE. Here is a glimpse of each grade level's assignment: KINDER...
a page in a book with different colored lines and shapes on it's cover
colour schemes
Precious Worker: TERITARY COLOUR SCHEMES-Something similar but with a few changes as this is not completely accurate
a poster with different types of painting techniques on it's back side, including brush strokes and blendings
poster of techiques by dee - Art Education ideas
poster of techiques by dee #poster #techiques
the instructions for how to draw children's cartoon characters with their own hands and feet
practice drawing people
Visit the post for more.
the elements of art poster is displayed on an orange bulletin board with white writing and black marker
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a piece of paper with the words, principals of art written in black and white
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