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"Together the 3 Pyramids of Giza demonstrate the concept of sacred alignment, as they form a precise three dimensional map of the stars in the belt of Orion." Ancient Wisdom – Sacred Alignment and the Constellation of Orion Aliens And Ufos, Ancient Aliens, Ancient Egypt, Ancient History, Constellations, Orion's Belt, Mystique, Space And Astronomy, Egyptian Art

Ancient Wisdom – Sacred Alignment and the Constellation of Orion

For at least ten thousand years, human beings have been plotting the movement of the stars, studying the heavens, constructing calendars, and erecting monuments to track the procession of the constellations and heavenly bodies across

Universe Astronomy Rings and Moons Circling Uranus, taken by Hubble space telescope. Cosmos, Hubble Space Telescope, Space And Astronomy, Astronomy Science, Ciel Nocturne, Planets And Moons, Planets With Rings, Nasa Planets, Hubble Images

Researchers may have spotted two small dark moons hidden in rings of Uranus

Two small dark moons might be hiding in the rings of Uranus, according to a new report.

The North American, Cygnus Wall and Pelican Nebulae – Galaxy Art Cosmos, Hubble Space Telescope, Space And Astronomy, Orion Nebula, Eagle Nebula, Helix Nebula, Carina Nebula, Andromeda Galaxy, Dark Matter

The North American, Cygnus Wall and Pelican Nebulae

An emission nebula in the constellation Cygnus that resembles the shape of North America and The Gulf Of Mexico. It lies at a distance of approximately 1800 light years away from us. It contains some very interesting areas such as "The Cygnus Wall" which is representative of Mexico and Central America and the nearby Pelican Nebula (IC5070) which is not usually referred to as within The American Nebula however it is part of the same cloud of ionized Hydrogen. This wide field view in…

In this composite image, visible-light observations by NASA's Hubble Space Telescope are combined with infrared data from the ground-based Large Binocular Telescope in Arizona to assemble a dramatic view of the well-known Ring Nebula. Carina Nebula, Star Formation, Star Cluster, Hubble Space Telescope, Space Photos, Amazing Spaces, Dark Matter, To Infinity And Beyond, Deep Space

WIRED Space Photo of the Day 2013

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Space Stars Young stars cooking in the Prawn Nebula Interstellar, Carl Sagan Cosmos, Space And Astronomy, Hubble Space Telescope, Galaxy Space, Amazing Spaces, To Infinity And Beyond, Galaxy Wallpaper, Deep Space

Astronomy Is Awesome

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the cosmic ice sculptures of the Carina Nebula via Hubblesite. The visible space is big, complex and can be incredibly beautiful. from 9 Incredible Photos of our Universe Nebula Cosmos, Across The Universe, Space And Astronomy, Hubble Space, Space Telescope, Space Shuttle, To Infinity And Beyond, Deep Space, Beautiful Space

The Truth is Out There

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The Lagoon Nebula is a region of intense star formation tangled up in swirling gas and dust. This image of it was taken by the Hubble Space Telescope. NASA / ESA / J. Trauger, Jet Propulson Laboratory / Via nasa. Cosmos, Hubble Space Telescope, Space And Astronomy, Nasa Space, Interstellar, Ciel Nocturne, Carina Nebula, Orion Nebula, Horsehead Nebula

Stormy seas in Sagittarius

Some of the most breathtaking views in the Universe are created by nebulae — hot, glowing clouds of gas. This new NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope image shows the centre of the Lagoon Nebula, an object with a deceptively tranquil name. The region is filled with intense winds from hot stars, churning funnels of gas, and energetic star formation, all embedded within an intricate haze of gas and pitch-dark dust. Nebulae are often named based on their key characteristics — particularly…

Hubble’s Contribution To Modern Astronomy Cosmos, Space Photos, Space Images, Spitzer Space Telescope, Ciel Nocturne, Space And Astronomy, Nasa Space, Galaxy Space, Deep Space

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Heralding a new age in the cosmos, Norwegian Kristian Birkeland predicted that the universe likely consisted of an exotic component that would later be called dark matter. His comments about this subject matter appeared in a description of the Norwegian Aurora Polaris Expedition (1902-1903). Birkeland’s ideas about the Expedition were published in the fateful year...

do you think. are we alone in the Universe? What do you think. are we alone in the Universe? What do you think. are we alone in the Universe? Cosmos, Scale Of The Universe, Universe Size, Earth And Solar System, Another Earth, Space Facts, E Mc2, Space And Astronomy, Astronomy Facts

What do you think... are we alone in the Universe?

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Whirlpool Galaxy The Remolino Galaxy Cosmos, Hubble Pictures, Nasa Space Pictures, Hubble Images, Space Images, Star System, Whirlpool Galaxy, Andromeda Galaxy, Evening Sky

This is M51 (Whirlpool Galaxy) 😮 It was discovered in 1773 by French astronomer Charles Messier

– News of October 15, 2019 – Until recently, it was thought that the central black hole of the Milky Way, called Sagittarius A*, was a small supermassive black hole. With 4 million solar masses, it is not one of the big supermassive black holes. Its activity seems weak, nothing to do with the overpowering… Read more