"Dobbin abd the Goblin" Theodor Kittelsen 1905

"Dobbin abd the Goblin" Theodor Kittelsen 1905 - I worked this is needlework.

Ivar Rødningen - Oslo

a troll in Oslo - art by Ivar Rødningen, inspired by Theodor Kittelsen

Omfavnelse by Theodor Kittelsen

“ Subsistence farming under a feudal landlord has its renaissance in Britain.

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Forest Troll, 1906 (crayon & wash on paper), Kittelsen, Theodor Severin / Private Collection / Photo © O.

Theodor Kittelsen

Nökken Nökken/Nyk/Nykkjen is a mysterious water creature, residing in fresh-water, lakes and deep ponds. He is, in Norwegian tradition, described as a dark monster with his eyes just above the.

Remnants of Revenants: The Role of the Dreaded Draugr in Medieval Iceland :http://www.medievalists.net/2011/12/11/remnants-of-revenants-the-role-of-the-dreaded-draugr-in-medieval-iceland/

Draugen:- Draugen, from Norse “draugr” meaning ghost. Yet another water creature, and this one is something you really wouldn’t want to meet when you’re out in your boat. Draugen is the ghost of a man.