time to gather twigs and branches...I've gotta make this! This would look awesome on the porch and the cats might be less likely to destroy it.

This would look awesome inside or outside! Natural tree decor - would be great in a rustic setting or for Christmas, leave it plain or decorate for the Holidays.

driftwood shell garland - rustic natural beach house decor

driftwood shell garland - I want to make this from driftwood collected from the cottage I spent my childhood summers at.

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driftwood by SelmaLaStrega

Lake Superior Driftwood Angel- one of a kind. made from stick and driftwood taken from the shores of Lake Superior. I would like to do this with driftwood from Mullet Lake.

Driftwood Maine Lobster Coastal Wall Decor by BeachwoodDreams on Etsy

Driftwood Maine Lobster Coastal Wall Decor by Beach wood Dreams to set the mood!

what to do with all of this driftwood!

Are you interested in our Natural driftwood tree? With our Natural Driftwood Christmas Tree you need look no further.