Octopus Yarn Doll.... I have made so many of these for gifts etc. They are easy and fun to make!

Octopus Week At The Seattle Aquarium + Octopus Party Ideas

yarn octopus, this looks so familiar. I can even remember the texture of the acrylic yarn. And the styrofoam head of the octopus

Thalita Dol: Bonecas - Dolls

Thalita Dol: Bonecas - Dolls, They look quite gruesome until you put the skin on.


25 Pom Pom Crafts to make you pom pom crazy

Easy Finger Knitting How To - DIY Yarn Butterfly - YouTube

Easy Finger Knitting How To - Yarn Butterfly Project. My kids and I love to Finger Knit and are always looking for new easy Finger Knitting Project Ideas.

Finger Knitting Snakes - Red Ted Art's Blog

Finger Knitting Snakes

Learn how to combine 2 colours of yarn to make these cute Finger Knitting Snakes. We also show to to increase and decrease Finger knitting stitches.