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The ISIS (IS/ISIL) Islamic State or Daesh (Daech / Daish) – Al Qaeda (Al Qaida) Invasion and Islam and Muslims of Separatist Europe with the Help of Indigenous Sami (Laplander) People in the Lapland Scandinavia and the Indigenous Roma / Romani (Gypsy) Peo We Are The World, People Around The World, Islam In France, Folk Costume, Costumes, Gypsy People, Southeast Asia, Traditional Outfits, Samara

Lapland - Sami people are indigenous people, who live in the norhern regions of Finland, Sweden, Norway and Russia

I chose this is a picture of a Sami bride to show the culture of what a bride would wear. The Sami people are one the largest groups in Europe living in Sweden, Norway, Finland and Russia. We Are The World, People Around The World, In This World, Folklore, Costume Ethnique, Lappland, Thinking Day, Folk Costume, Ancient Aliens

Alternative Medicine, Old illustrations and Photos of Sami people - Alternativ Medisin, gamle illustrasjoner og foto av samene

A. © Norsk Folkemuseum. Svensk Lappland om sommeren. “The English Atlas” av Moses Pitt (1639 - 1697) og J. Jansson. Jeg søker fortsatt etter teksten om "Svensk Lappland" som finnes i tilknytning til disse to illustrasjonene i den nevnte boken vil senere legge teksten i dette blogginnlegget. Swedish Lapland in the Summer. I am still searching for the text belonging to these two illustrations. B. © Norsk Folkemuseum. “The English Atlas” av Moses Pitt (1639 - 1697) og J. Jansson: Svensk…

Who does this sort of magnificent handiwork? The Sami people of northern Norway, Finland, etc. (what we sometimes call Lapland or Lappland). How wonderful to wear just bright and cheerful clothes in the intense cold environment! Folklore, Lappland, Folk Clothing, Anna, Thinking Day, Frozen, Cosplay, Color Shapes, Folk Costume

Art 2 Stitch

Red A friend and I had a weekend in Helsinki. I loved looking at the Sami clothing.

Young Sami man in folk costume We Are The World, People Around The World, Folk Costume, Costumes, Swedish Design, Lappland, World Cultures, Traditional Dresses, Folklore

北欧の少数民族【サーミ族】の、美しすぎる暮らし | キナリノ


Old and new kirtle cuff Sami traditional clothing Tribal Costume, Folk Costume, Fabric Manipulation Techniques, Nordic Art, How To Purl Knit, Folklore, Traditional Outfits, Fabric Patterns, Winter

Sami folk costumes are very much influenced by trends. Mixing the traditional colors, fabrics and cut of the garments with personal taste makes a variation that are both trendy and traditional at the same time. This young lady is wearing her new kirtle, made for her confirmation, decorated with hundreds of meters of ribbon on the holbi, hem, using the red, white and blue colors mixed with silver threads.

Traditional pattern of the Sami hats and gakti. *The Saami - Samisk - Sámi* Folk Costume, Costumes, Belt Purse, Lappland, Native Style, Indigenous Art, Samara, Arm Band Tattoo, We The People

The Ancient Gods of the Sami – De gamle samiske gudene

This picture is an Illustration in "The History of Lapland" by John or Johannes Scheffer, a book that was first published in Latin with the title "Lapponia" (1673). An illustration of the pagan religion divided in different cosmological levels as some Sami drums: 1) The 3 Upper-world Gods. 2) The 3 Gods of this world, i.e. the worldly Heaven and Earth. 3) Gods of the Underworld. The horned figure at the top is likely a symbol of The Almighty Sun God Radien as is the reindeer rug which is…