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OSHA Top 10 Violations - 2015. Common workplace hazards to be corrected prior to OSHA inspection and worker injury or illness. Fall protection, hazard communication, scaffolding, respiratory protection, lockout tagout, powered industrial trucks, ladders, electrical wiring methods, machine guarding, electrical general requirements.

Free printable infographic showing the Top 10 OSHA Violations for fiscal year Prevent common workplace injuries / illnesses with top ten hazards list.

Learn more about the most common types of PPE, as well as designing an effective PPE program.

Personal protection equipment (PPE) is part of the hierarchy of controls used to protect employees from workplace hazards. This infographic from Compliance and Safety offers simple but effective advice about the use of PPE.

3 Causes of Accidents …

An illustrated occupational safety poster with safety slogan : 3 Causes of Accidents : I didn't see, I didn't think, I didn't know.