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Geir Hansegaard

Geir Hansegaard
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Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse... - 9GAG

alot of TC people - alot of dead people - yes - really alot to attribute to in TC: FBI. - people paid these agencies - ya - to kill and hide dead bodies.

It screams from within me.. It wants the poison to make it still.

Looks like a Krampus costume. Those things are amazing = every one of them is an incredible artistic achievement.

Trainspotting by Peter Strain

See the wonderful posters commissioned by Print Club London for the film festival at Somerset House – including posters for Robocop, Ex Machina and Trainspotting.


When you see the moon straight before you it signifies you will have good luck to the end of the season. “Serenity by VMor ”

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Dānu - Hindu and Irish Goddess of Water. Danu is the primordial force of water, the personification of the ocean, from which all creation in the universe springs from. She produces streams and rivers to purify the earth. Goddess of the depths, mother of t