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Stevie Nicks

In Your Dreams - Stevie travelling with her favourite blanket...

Stevie ~ ☆♥❤♥☆ ~ carrying her go-everywhere tartan blanket and other things and Christine McVie, travelling in between concerts while touring with Fleetwood Mac;

Stevie Nicks

Retrophile, Anglophile, Devotee, and music/ electro, books. My one celebrity encounter was Pierce Brosnan in 2003 (he's a darling). My favorite is Randall Flagg from Stephen King's The Stand & Dark Tower.

Stevie Nicks. Madison square garden in 1977. Stevie has it all, the voice, the art,the poetry, the beauty, the persona.  She is simply amazing.

Stevie singing in Madison Square Garden, 1977 ~ ☆♥❤♥☆ ~ since she signed up with Fleetwood Mac on New Year's Eve, she became the 'face' of the band, and rightly so, as she had it all then and still has it now