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thebowerbirds: “ Source: Elle Decoration No Grey blue walls for a grey blue day - although those walls are a lot more beautiful than the day was.

Veggen er malt i skyggeblå fra Jotuns Pure Color. Vegg-til-vegg-teppet Fletco sisallike fra interiorkupp.no og lange, tette gardiner fra Ikea skaper hotellfølelse på soverommet. Taklampen er fra Habitat, bordlampene fra Ikea og nattbordene fra Kartell.

Contemporary bedroom: Love the charcoal, gray wall and the turned-wood and green hanging ceiling light.

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These are the most popular neutral paint colors for your home. Get color inspiration and tips on how to use neutral paint colors in this easy list.

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Color palette: A more neutral shade of sea glass. (It's a little bit darker than Benjamin Moore Beach Glass.) "He bent down to pick up the smooth, pale fragment, polished by the salt, sand and time.

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There is no denying the calming effect of blue. Each shade and hue is cool and serene, from pale baby blues to moody indigos. Colour psychology offers associating terms including trust, peace, order and loyalty so it



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