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XT-5 speakers pair the Raidho Ribbon Tweeter with six Ceramix drive units and a new Titanium/Ceramic sandwich membrane “We started by taking our existing three-layer aluminium/ceramic sandwich and on each side,” said the company, “depositing two layers of a carefully calculated combination of Titanium and Titanium Nitride particles, using a high-temperature sputter process, to create a composite, seven-layer membrane. The twin titanium coatings act as a dense constraining layers tha...

Raidho and a flagship design - The Audiophile Man

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The road trip across the United States showed us that we have to see more of the world, that there are so many adventures, just waiting for us... so Michael's wish to buy our van got stronger and stronger.

Looking spacious enough for a good ole fashion hoe down! You could even try the hallway knee slide in your socks and underwear!