bible verse with flowers

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a blue frame with red and yellow flowers in the middle, and a bible verse below it
a field full of flowers with the words, 1 chroncles 29 16 kjv
a purple frame with red poppies in it and the words, for very i say unto
a bunch of flowers with the words james 2 4 kjv on it's side
Tattoos, Motivation, True Words, Faith In God
purple flowers with the words romans 10 12 kjv for the same lord over all is rich unto that call upon him
Scriptural Serotonin for Spiritual Elevation: Finding the high in The Highest.
colorful flowers with the words romans 10 11 kjv for the scripture said, whosover beleveth on him shall not be
purple flowers with the words, be bold god is mighty and despiseth not any he
two pink roses sitting on top of black rocks with water droplets around them and the words, blessed are they which do hunger and thirst after righteousness for they shall
The Beatitudes of Jesus Christ.
flowers with the words trust in the lord with all your heart and don't lean on
the lord is with you when you are with him if you seek him he will be found by you
two yellow roses with the words lord instead of their shame, my people will receive a double portion