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a poster with the words peter 5 and other things to describe in each part of the text
Introduction To Verse Mapping: Exploring The Bible In A Meaningful Way
an open bible with writing on it and two markers next to it that says, god will order the broken world
Isaiah 9:1-6
an open book with the title verse maping for beginners
Verse Mapping
a poster with the words and phrases for different types of writing on it's sides
the 5 bible verses to stop fearing the future
5 Bible Verses To STOP Fearing The Future
a note with the words to do list on it
145 Great Inspirational Thought For The Day
the top ten questions to ask someone
Thought Provoking Questions To Ask Teens (Though I feel they'll work for anyone)
Short Prayer For Healing, Prayer For Guidance, Prayer Scriptures
20 Short Prayers For Healing - The Graceful Chapter
Prayer For Wisdom, Prayer For Anxiety, Prayers For Strength
Bible Verses About Depression, Bible Verses For Depression, Healing Bible Verses, Bible Verses For Strength, Bible Verses About Prayer
40 Bible Verses For Mental Breakdowns - The Graceful Chapter
a poem written in black and white with the words prayer, thank you for being with me
a pink flower with the words how to pray in 3 easy steps
How to Pray Everyday Prayers in 3 Easy Steps