the images express a fervent ambition to convey eternal truths about reality. Your artistic project is a quest for knowledge, The brain knows and the eye look. You want to know what you see, and see what you know . This is not an exploration of the painterly medium as such or concept of art changing status, but the way the visual and the rational and knowledge of life itself.
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Its Not Time To Make A Change

The light creates the color. Now you made me anxious, I laugh

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Find Myself

The horse is in me and in you too, I am looking forward. There is a meeting between me the horse and the painting. If you are painting a picture of a horse, you do not know what it will be in advance.

Authors Like Cats

Authors Like Cats

Love Is In The Air

do what you want Mother, father and I in the background. I was born of a horse, but I was not a horse. My sister was my horse. I was her head and will. It has been almost an obsession.

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