it is not color, but the light, I paint. Black and white Are the colors that are just damn. But look here. See how the light illuminates the color of the flower. The light creates the color. The horse is in me and in you too, I am looking forward. There is a meeting between me the horse and the painting. If you are painting a picture of a horse, you do not know what it will be in advance.
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We Prayed For Peace For Years But They Declared War On Us Anyway by Hilde Widerberg

horses are the truest people I know and I think that they are everything a man should be by Hilde Widerberg

I Have The Feeling Of Flying Together And Drifting Away With You But It Will Never Happen by Hilde Widerberg

These colors Are famous. even people who do not know much about art, know this distinctive world and elongated shapes.

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tell me you wanna ride with me wherever I wanna go now by Hilde Widerberg

Feeling Free Now And Enjoying The Green Landscape But Will Accept My Destiny And Surrender Anyway by Hilde Widerberg

You do not live with a lot of people as before, and you cannot get the same contact with people and you do not understand in the same way. Instead, you live closer to the pictures, and you think more than you paint.

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You Have To Forgive And Forget Or They Will Destroy The Rest Of You by Hilde Widerberg

I Will Be A Forgiving Person Or Else Hate Will Destroy My Soul by Hilde Widerberg

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And Still, Loneliness, Solitude, Anxiety, Spirals, Law, Walks, Challenges, December

Even In The Darkest Moments We Have Each Other by Hilde Widerberg

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You Could Always Have A Ride After All It Is Your Birthday by Hilde Widerberg