it is not color, but the light, I paint. Black and white Are the colors that are just damn. But look here. See how the light illuminates the color of the flower. The light creates the color. The horse is in me and in you too, I am looking forward. There is a meeting between me the horse and the painting. If you are painting a picture of a horse, you do not know what it will be in advance.
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I Have The Feeling Of Flying Together And Drifting Away With You But It Will Never Happen

They Hate Me Because They Suspect Me But I Am As Innocent As A Child

Feeling Free Now And Enjoying The Green Landscape But Will Accept My Destiny And Surrender Anyway

Listen To Them Whispering The Most Shocking News Or Some Old Gossip

We Used To Meet Here Every Day To Sing Our Morning Song But Now We Don't Meet Anymore At All