I have read the book of Job, Ecclesiastes, Old Testament. But there were many people who did. All old people read the Bible. It is heavy and powerful. I tend to carry my church with me, but I'm not hostile towards churches, I have thought A lot for myself, In religious ways too. But I've never been any good to stop by something. I'm not good to listen, And I'm not good At discussing and I do not understand other people's views.
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Cyprus, Norway, Famous Artists, Plays, Families, Artworks, Photography, Html

Cyprus, Norway, Famous Artists, Families, Cats, Artworks, Html

You Are So Special  Hilde Widerberg

You do not live with a lot of people as before, and you cannot get the same contact with people and you do not understand in the same way. Instead, you live closer to the pictures, and you think more than you paint.

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Famous Artists, Cats, Artwork, Html