You maintain your pictures as a medium with a privileged access to reality. You convey a genuine belief in the painting and its ability to convey something of an inner and an outer reality. You do not see the painting as a historically contingent phenomenon, or as one discourse among many. You see it as the way to reach understanding.
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when the tree tops are looking down at me I am feeling little but also very lucky

horses are the truest people I know and I think that they are everything a man should be

Wherever Our Bus Stops We Will Settle Down And Live Happily Ever After For The Rest Of Our Lives

Do You Feel Entitled To Ruin My Life

Love and life of Madame Wheel by Hilde Widerberg

Love and life of Madame Wheel by Hilde Widerberg

when I am thinking of you I am feeling so blue

If You Wonder When The Swimmer Needs Some Air

I Never Imagined How Evil You Could Be, But Now I Know But No It Is Far Too Late So God Help Me