You maintain your pictures as a medium with a privileged access to reality. You convey a genuine belief in the painting and its ability to convey something of an inner and an outer reality. You do not see the painting as a historically contingent phenomenon, or as one discourse among many. You see it as the way to reach understanding.
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when the tree tops are looking down at me I am feeling little but also very lucky by Hilde Widerberg

horses are the truest people I know and I think that they are everything a man should be by Hilde Widerberg

Wherever Our Bus Stops We Will Settle Down And Live Happily Ever After For The Rest Of Our Lives by Hilde Widerberg

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Love and life of Madame Wheel by Hilde Widerberg

Love and life of Madame Wheel by Hilde Widerberg

If You Wonder When The Swimmer Needs Some Air by Hilde Widerberg

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I Wanna Go Away So Please Consider Running Off With Me by Hilde Widerberg

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Who Said That We Are Together In This Or Anything Else by Hilde Widerberg

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