Christoffer Relander

Christoffer Relander was born in Finland December 1986 and grew up on the countryside of Ekenäs. His interest in art started at an early age, but it was not until he served the Finnish Marines between 2008-2009 that I fell in love with photography. Today he works as a full-time fine art photographer with gallery representation from including: Moscow, Russia; Osnova Gallery, Charlotte, NC, USA; Mona Gallery and more.
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Elin & Ramsholmen

Artwork: Elin & Ramsholmen from Christoffer Relander


Book the Universe Series Did you know Remus Lupin had a child? Well if you didn't know meet Ariana Jade Lupin. The Hogwarts Royal.

Autumn Self-Portrait

"Autumn Self-Portrait," original surrealist photoraphy by artist Christoffer Relander (Finland) available at Saatchi Art Do self portrait double exposure


Saatchi Art: Bark - Medium Edition + 2 AP Photography by Christoffer Relander