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four pairs of slippers are arranged in the shape of a circle with words written below
Filzpatschen selbstgemacht - eine DIY Anleitung - mamimade
several different types of knitted shoes and sweaters are shown in the same image
носки, перчатки,рукавицы
So pretty, creative & sweet!
two pairs of socks sitting on top of a black table with green trimmings
pleximo's Dogwoods 17/26
Pleximo's Dogwoods sock pattern by Christina Harris
two pairs of black and white knitted socks
two knitted socks laying on top of each other
Dieser Artikel ist nicht verfügbar | Etsy
Fair Isle Socken Maikiko Gr. 39/40
two colorful knitted socks laying on top of each other
Bunte Socken 36-37 gestrickte Socken in nordischen Fair Isle Mustern -
Bunte Socken Ola 35-36
a pair of blue socks with yellow and green designs on them sitting on a tile floor
ringofkerry's Flattery socks
Ravelry: ringofkerry's Flattery socks
someone wearing socks with green and blue designs on them
Double Heelix sock
One of my current knitting projects. The heel was scary in the beginning (until I put some of those knot-tying skills I learned in Girl Guides); I'm sailing along right now.
two knitted socks and balls of yarn on a white wooden surface with knitting needles
Account Suspended
Tämä ohje sisältää kerros kerrokselta selitetyn ohjeen, jotta jokainen uskaltaa kokeilla sukkia. Tämä on tehty suorastaan teille, neulonnan newbies! Continue Reading...
the legs of a woman wearing socks with blue and white designs are shown from above
Ice Magic / DROPS 161-36 - Kostenlose Strickanleitungen von DROPS Design
Free Pattern
a woman's legs wearing blue and white socks
クロス模様のマニッシュなくつ下 pattern by Izumi Ouchi
Diy socks Selbst machen Socken