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a statue of a woman sitting on a chair with her legs spread out and hands in the air
DE SUTTER-. | Nuances et Lumière galerie d'art à Lyon
Paola - 29 cm - Sculpture en bronze, piéce unique
there are many colorful flowers in the grass
One year of work by the elders of Israel. One women's idea. 11,000 ceramic flowers planted in the Israel museum in Tel Aviv. I am lucky to participate with our elders.
some flowers are in the grass and one is painted red, white, and blue
Argile & Barbotine
three decorative vases sitting in the middle of a grassy field with flowers on them
Mohnkapseln von Hochwertiger Gartenschmuck aus Keramik auf Mehr
a metal object sitting on top of a wooden stick in front of some grass and flowers
Gartenstecker Mohnkapsel aus Keramik von ZAUNKOENIGIN auf
three metal garden stake with blue and white designs on them, sitting in the dirt
a flower that is sitting on top of a pole in front of a white wall
Pflanzenmarkierungen & Stecken -
Gartenschmuck++"FRÜHLINGSKNOSPE+"++grün-rosa+von+Werkstatt+fü Mehr
there are many decorative plates on the table
ceramic flowers for sale!
ceramic flowers for sale! need to make these...from air-dry clay?
a close up of a flower near some water
Pflanzenmarkierungen & Stecken -
Pflanzen- & Gartenstecker - Gartenschmuckstück "Kaktusblüte" rosa - ein Designerstück von Brigitte_Peglow bei DaWanda
an orange vase filled with flowers on top of a wall
Ceramic and Clay Artist Judi Brennan.
Ceramic and Clay Artist Judi Brennan.