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Mads & Hannibal
Jean Luc "Luke" Staark, the Don of Haven's Landing, vicious, calculated and very well educated. Luke isn't just an animal, he greatly admires the "Game" he has hunted the apex predators of every corner of the world and brought back a trophy of his kill from every single one. He kept Jax's father's police shield and gun when he had him killed which he keeps next to the stuffed body of a Lion he killed with his bare hands in the Savannah.
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Francis Dolarhyde and Dr. Chilton still chillin at @mindwarp_fx 😍#Hannibal #RichardArmitage #RaulEsparza (photos thanks to @obfuscatedheart)
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Sounds like me
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Hannibal. ...best suit yet!
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Mads & Hannibal
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X. It’s what’s happening
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David Slade working on the pilot of Hannibal
Mads & Hannibal — loki-shags-tony: Better to live true to yourself...
Mads & Hannibal — loki-shags-tony: Better to live true to yourself...
the twilight saga is shown in three different languages
Hannibal: One Moment Please (lol this cracked me up)