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Line Konradsen

Line Konradsen
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trappegelender stål - Google-søk

trappegelender stål - Google-søk

Scan 58 Wall

For Scan it is not just about warmth, but about delivering a perfect flame, enclosed in a design-conscious piece of furniture to suit the majority of homes.

Svedbergs Bølgen Servant 41.5x36 cm Hvit m/armaturhull og overløp

Svedbergs Bølgen Servant cm Hvit m/armaturhull og overløp

Laufen PRO-N Vask 50x36cm M/armaturhullog overløp

Laufen PRO-N Vask M/armaturhullog overløp

Laufen PRO-N Servant 48x28cm med amaturhull på høyre side, Hvit

Shop for Small Washbasins – UK’s premier online shopping store for Laufen Pro A Small Countertop Washbasin Asymmetric Right.

Duravit Architec servant u/Wondergliss 36x38x15 cm u/hull til armatur og overløp

Hart is an established retailer of beautiful bespoke bathrooms, from traditional and classic to modern & contemporary. View our luxury bathrooms now.

Duravit Vero 25 x 45 cm servant, hvit

DUravit - Vero Handrise basin with overflow, Design by Duravit, with tap platform, 250 mm-

Ifö iCon hjørneservant 330 x 330mm, hvit m/hull til armatur u/overløp

Ifö iCon Hörntvättställ 33 x 33 cm m/kranhål u/Bräddavlopp, Vit

Ifö Aqua Hjørneservant 45x39 cm, hvit m/hull til armatur og overløp

Tiny corner sink for small bathrooms deep by 45 cm wide, by the Swedish manufacturer Ifö. bak.jpg bak.jpg