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there is a painting on the wall with some branches in front of it and another piece of artwork behind it
framed tree limbs | Picture frame with tree branches | For the Home
two wooden shelves with trees in them are hanging on the wall next to a bed
Rustic Home Decor | My Home Decor Guide
wood pallets wall decor art
three metal frames with trees in them on a white surface and one is hanging from the wall
33 Interior Decorating Ideas Bringing Natural Materials and Handmade Design into Eco Homes
DIY wall art. I love this so simple and beautiful
two pictures side by side one has a couch and the other has a mirror on it
River Mirrors by Caryn Moberly
Ahhhh I love these river Mirrors — Caryn Moberly | "Each River Mirror is created by British artist and designer Caryn Moberly from beautiful pieces of burred elm. The mirrors resemble water flowing between the natural banks of a river. Caryn uses the natural undulating shape of the tree to form the river banks, and so no two mirrors are the same."