Frozen (yogurt) pops!

Use Greek yogurt! YOGURT POPS "Cake Pop" pan to good use.and placed it in a plastic baggie for easy pouring. Clamped the cake pop pan with the two yellow rubber clips it came with.Filled the cake.

Easter Cake pops in the shape of Easter Eggs

Love-a-Ball Pastel hearts and impeccable white frosting make these egg cake pops by Francisca Neves of Cupcake a beautiful addition to your Easter dessert table.

So cute and colorful!

Kate's Rainbow Heart Party

My Little Pony Rainbow cake by Time for Tiffin

also rainbow sponge,Twist’s not my original idea but can’t credit the owner as there was no watermark on the picture my client sent me unfortunately!

Pie pops

They've become increasingly popular for weddings and other parties. Here is a large gallery of pictures and pie pop recipes to get you inspired.

Pie Pops

Blackberry Pie Pops (12) Gift Set

Mini Dessert Shop specializing in wedding cake pops, pie pops and mini pie. Located in Orange County, CA for local pick up or we ship nationwide.

How To Cooking Heart Pie Pops

We love cake and we love hearts! These our on our Valentine's Baking List. heart pie pops: precious little pops, easy to make using pre-made pie crust. fill with anything!

Pie Pops

Brilliant, instead of cake pops, pie pops. Better idea for me since I like pie more than cake.

Rainbow cake

Ah, memories. making this cake with my Mum, and my baby sis smushing it to pieces before the icing went on! I'm fairly certain I cried.