Sea glass/pebble art

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a group of sea glass birds sitting on top of a white frame with the words sold out above it
a card with some trees on it
a piece of artwork is hanging on the wall next to some shells and seashells
a black dog is in a white frame on a wooden surface, it appears to be made out of paper
a wooden frame with a small glass bead in the shape of a dog on it
Irish seaglass art. Seaglass dog and bird. Friends. Irish crafts.
a person holding up a white frame with some flowers in it and two green leaves on the inside
a small bird sitting on top of a rock next to a black and white stone
PebbleArt - Etsy Canada
two birds are standing on rocks and one is holding a flower
a white frame with some rocks and a light house in the middle on a wooden wall
two green birds in a white frame with a red heart
Kissing sea glass birds
three birds sitting on top of sticks with flowers in the middle and one bird perched on it's head
Original Sea Glass Artpebble Artpebble Art Birdsrock | Etsy Canada
three white birds with green balloons attached to them
Newborn. Irish seaglass. Newbaby gift
two birds are perched on a branch with some leaves hanging from it's sides
two white and brown flowers with green stems on a white surface next to each other
a white frame holding a couple's artwork on top of a wooden table
a sheep made out of marshmallows in a white frame on a wooden table
three white birds sitting on top of a piece of wood
glass etching – creativeartworksblog
a white and green flower in a black frame
a christmas tree made out of sea glass
Christmas tree out of beach glass