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a woman's hand with red nail polish holding a green crochet hook
EASY NON-ROLL EDGING Do you want to prevent the hem of your stockinette knitting from curling? This is an easy way I used in my fleur_top… | Instagram
someone is knitting with the text how to knit the knitted cast on
How to do the knitted cast on - Step by step tutorial [+video]
a blue knitted pillow sitting on top of a wooden table next to knitting needles
How to keep knitting from curling - 7 easy techniques for every project
your knitting takes the path of least resistance: It curls to the knit side on the bottom
someone is cutting through the hole in their knitted sweater
Great Way to Repair Holes in Sweaters Without Traces🌟Tutorials for Beginners
Great Way to Repair Holes in Sweaters Without Traces🌟Tutorials for Beginners - YouTube
someone is crocheting the stitchs in their green knitted sweater with a needle
Learn How to Repair a Hole in a Sweater With a Single Sewing Needle
the five knitting styles and how to knit them
The 5 Knitting Styles (And How to Knit Them)
Everyone's knitting style is a little different. Whether it's tension, your personal knitting gauge, or the way you wrap your yarn around your fingers. But when it comes to which hand you hold your yarn in, the knitting world is pretty divided. There are five basic knitting styles based on the way the yarn is held and wrapped around the working needle. The names of these styles often are associated with nationalities, like English knitting or Irish Cottage style, but the style you has
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Combined Continental Knitting for Hand Pain - Knifty Knittings