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Ebenezer Ornament Series so far: Patterns 1-5
The Ebenezer Ornament Series so far: 1) Mr Scrooge 2) Mr Marley 3) Ghost of Christmas Past 4) Ghost Of Christmas Present 5) *New* Ghost of Christmas Yet To Come, with a bonus ornament: Scrooge’s gravestone! This set of hand sewn heirloom Christmas ornament patterns is ongoing, with more to come. Shown: These samples are resplendent in Benzie Design felts from my curated Ebenezer Modern Pastel palette, available in their etsy shop. Skill Level: Intermediate (If you have completed my Twelve Days Ornaments, you are ready!)
a figurine sitting on top of a wooden desk
MmmCrafts | prototype of Ghost of Christmas Yet To Come
A new Ebenezer pattern is underway. He’s silently pointing me back to the drawing board to make needed adjustments before I stitch the next version. :-)
an ornament with a reindeer's head on it
Filc karácsonyfadíszek
three reindeer ornaments hanging on a wall
30+ Unique DIY Felt Ornaments For Christmas that Sparkle Creativity
two felt snowmen sitting on top of a piece of wood next to a christmas ornament
Sew Cute Snowman…Essentials by Ellen | Ellen Hutson
two christmas ornaments hanging from a tree
Beautiful Pair of Hand Embroidered Holiday Angel Ornaments