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JLA V3 #75 - Nightwing gives Batman a long overdue hug.

JLA: The Obsidian Age, by Joe Kelly and Doug Manke (Submitted by explosionswoo…

I love 11thsense

“ “Unhand me Todd” That time Jason got a haircut and Damian immediately expressed his hatred for it upon seeing it, so jason terrorized him with pink hair ties.

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Tim Drake & Alfred - Batman Chronicles #4

Tim Drake & Alfred - Batman Chronicles I have no idea whats going on here, but it's kinda sweet

To clarify; without Bruce, Jason ends up a Catholic priest. Dick ends up an undead Talon in service to the Court of Owls.

These are hilarious!

I feel like Dami and Jay would be really close as brothers, maybe even more so then Dick and Dami (because Dick is more of a fatherly/motherly figure than a brotherly one)