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rio galeão por ana couto branding NS: If these waveforms are representative of some data or significance, very sophiticated execution. If not, just pleasing colour balance.

really like this integration of a headphone cord with the movements of the AM…

Fresh, Creative & Clever Logo Design using Amp spelling out AM as a wire design and the plug in at the end. The white foreground and black and white background keeping the contrast between the logo and background

Nice logo                                                       …

Ocean Ave Lettering and Design Pineapple Logo Art Print by Ocean Ave… The shape of the pineapple is clearly defined whereas the inside is fun and organic in nature. There is an effective use of negative space.

Sonos logo design by Bruce Mau Design pulses like a speaker

Sonos by Bruce Mau. Sonos new logo plays an optical illusion in your mind, if you scroll up or down, the logo will pulse like a speaker.