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I think we all can agree that eggplant is a very strange vegetable. They have a beautiful exterior with a vibrant purple color but on the inside they don’t look too appetizing… Luckily they taste really delicious when prepared the right way! The consistency of eggplants is somewhat similar to mushrooms but with it’s own distinct

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Here’s another healthy vegan salad that’s really cheap and easy to make. Chickpeas and beans might not be the most exciting foods but it’s actually very nice to mix them together in a salad. Especially combined with crispy spinach leaves and fresh vegetables like tomatoes and cucumber. Add some delicious olive oil and you have

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For most of us it’s a challenge to make bread that is both healthy and tasty. Baking with whole wheat flour requires a lot more effort than for example making a focaccia, which can easily be done within 90 minutes by anyone with a Kitchen Aid mixer. But does it really have to be this

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I love tomatoes and I love tomato soup! Tomato soup is probably one of the most likable veggie soups there is. I mean, who doesn’t like tomato soup? Even here in cold Norway where we import most of our tomatoes it’s still the most popular soup. There is just something special about tomatoes in the way

Quinoa is a seed that originated in the Andes. There it has been cultivated for at least 3-4,000 years, and it has long been an important part of the local diet. Recently, quinoa has become very popular in western countries due to its high nutritional content. I am not a huge fan of labels like such

Green smoothie with avocado, ginger & spinach leaves – StudioLyhne

There’s no need for meat in pasta dishes. All you need is high quality vegetables and good olive oil! This recipe yields 4 servings. Ingredients 300 g linguini pasta 10 green aspargus, break of the fibrous end and slice the rest into smaller pieces 200 g mushrooms divided in 4 pieces 200 g oyster mushrooms 200 g portobello mushrooms diveded in 6

In this recipe I use the same vegetable base as in Vegetable cassoulet with white beans, but instead of beans I use lentils. I season the dish with finely ground pepper and these two things makes it a completely different dish! This recipe yields 4 servings. Ingredients 200 g dried lentils. Some types require to

When we remodelled the kitchen last year we finally got a steam oven! It’s very convenient for recipes like this because it’s easier to control the texture of what you are cooking. It’s also better at preventing nutrients from leaking out when you are cooking compared to traditional methods. A steam oven is definitely not a

Bean spread with parsley leaves – StudioLyhne