Frida Rødde Holberg

Frida Rødde Holberg

Frida Rødde Holberg
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Mulhouse-based French street artist Chifumi not just creates fantastic wheatpastes, but also cardboard installations and urban hacks!

Sería bueno que el cielo se cubriera de estas nubes en todo los países que hay guerras

God is love. God is good. God is merciful. God is full of grace. Because God is all these things and much more, He wants to give to His children. Giving is something that just comes naturally to Him.

The board I pinned this from said they saw a Phoenix.  That's cool.  I see a woman in a beautiful white dress dancing on the wind. msb

The strange cloud formations can be found all over the world. And while they are a bit weird and sometimes scary and foreboding, these clouds remain beautiful. Nature’s sky is painted beautifully by these brush strokes of water vapor…and magic.