Silver Birch

Wooden House with an Inner Courtyard / Bernardo Bader

Wooden House with an Inner Courtyard / DI Bernardo Bader Wooden House With An Inner Courtyard / DI Bernardo Bader – ArchDaily

Nanotechnology Graphene Structure

A single layer of carbon atoms arranged in a honeycomb pattern is the strongest material on Earth. It would take an elephant balanced on a pencil to create enough concentrated strength to break through a graphene sheet the thickness of saran wrap.

Schuco sliding aluminium doors

Plan using the innovative system solutions from Schüco - windows, doors and façades for sophisticated architecture and building planning.


Nádfonatos burkolás Unusual Thatching - BV House situated in the Ribble Valley Lancashire



Larch cladding

Along with Douglas Fir, Larch is growing in popularity and being specified more and more by architects and furniture designers for cladding & furniture work

Lightweight Slate Composite

Lightweight Slate Composite