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Cute sign for gun owners :) Home defense starts with a light hearted warning and ends with hollow points and firearms.

Coffee and Spent Brass

Guns, dogs, muscle cars, advice, and my life.

I Carry a Gun Because a Cop is Too Heavy - Funny Gun Sign. These signs make great wall art gifts and will last for years. x Aluminum thick). x Aluminum thick). x Polystyrene (Plastic -.

Warning - I Carry A Gun Because A Cop Too Heavy Novelity sign gag

Premium double-side lamination with ultra clear finish.

Cartoon Shows Difference Between Conservatives And Liberals

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Vince Vaughn, you can be on our team. Thanks for being a patriot and for your sense about gun control and the second amendment! Great Quotes, Inspirational Quotes, Motivational, Awesome Quotes, Funny Quotes, Vince Vaughn, By Any Means Necessary, Gun Rights, Molon Labe

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Sons of Liberty: #antifeminist #feminism #prolife generation #communism #drugwar

No gun control essay firearms Gun control The gun control that works: no guns, by gun control. Once you have guns in, quoted in the papers saying he did not want to live.

Why do you need a gun?

Think Bradley Manning or Edward Snowden. Their actions hurt no one, but the politicians that were lying to the US Citizens. When exposing a Crime is treated as committing a Crime you are ruled by Criminals Quotes To Live By, Life Quotes, Change Quotes, Quotes Quotes, Out Of Touch, We The People, Evil People, Wise Words, It Hurts

I hate, cons criminals and crooked people which all equals gangstalkers. you can't trust them

You can be frustrated by all this political correctness and be a Democrat. It doesn't automatically mean you're a Conservative or Trump supporter. We need more truth and common sense in this world. True Quotes, Great Quotes, Funny Quotes, Inspirational Quotes, Quotes Quotes, Motivational, No More Drama, Political Quotes, Political Freedom

Believe it or not I do think that we have gone way overboard with political correctness. That's because I'm a logical, intelligent and sane liberal.