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If dealing with a true scorpio.read and understand these 7 signs daily before interaction with said scorpio. These 7 tips will greatly ply a roll in weather or.

Yup yup yup...And people think you should just forgive and forget like they did nothing wrong...Haha NOPE!

keep this in mind, because I'm a Scorpio rising it's my emotion control center, no wonder why I'm hard to read. be careful. you drink the poison you choose.

Zodiac Scorpio Facts | See much more at TheZodiacCity.com

Something you may not know: They would rather keep it to themselves then to overwhelm someone else with their personal problems.

Zodiac Scorpio Facts.... this is so true !! No one that knows me believes I could be shy for a minute.. until they introduce me to strangers !! LOL

"Wow, you're so different than when I first met you!" Yah, it's almost like I was apprehensive to be around new people because I've gotten hurt by so many of you fuckers in the past, for wanting nothing more than to be a nice person ¯\_(ツ)_/¯