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kitchen science experiments for kids

Kitchen Science For Kids { What will freeze first?} - No Time For Flash Cards

Kitchen science for kids. What will freeze first?

Floating ball activity #scienceactivity #kidscience

Floating Ball Activity — All for the Boys

Have you seen those floating ball toys where you blow into one end and the ball "magically" floats above in place? Here's a way to create your own!

15 crafts that FLY! Fun to make AND play with!

Crafts That Fly

Making crafts that fly is a way to get two activities for the price of one! These crafts are fun for the kids to create… and then a whole lot of fun to play with! Many of these crafts are one…

30 Science Experiments for Kids (from The Imagination Tree)

Science Experiments for Kids - The Imagination Tree

Here is a collection of 30 amazing science experiments for kids of all ages to enjoy at home or school!

Great idea for teaching science outside!

Sink or Float Experiment: Physics for Kids

Explore physics concepts as kids test whether it will sink or float in this classic science experiment with FREE printable worksheet!

fun hands on science learning activities for kids #learnactivities

30+ Fun Hands On Science Learning Activities for Kids

30+ Fun hands on science learning activity ideas for kids - making difficult science concepts easier to understand for young children.

Fun with magnets: place paperclips into a vase of water, then use a magnet to guide them up to the top.

More Fun With Magnets

Both of my daughters (almost 5 yrs and almost 3 yrs) really enjoyed this magnetic activity and it was so simple to put together. Here is what you need: towel, jar or bottle filled with water, magnet, paper clips and a small bowl. Demonstrate by holding the magnet flat against the glass (and pointing out that it needs to be held flat), visually find a paper clip at the bottom that you will try to "catch". Starting at the bottom, slide the magnet up the glass. The paper clip slides up too…

Science Center Ideas

Science Center

Here are some ideas and pictures of my preschool science center. These are displays you can change throughout the year. Find more science ideas on the Science Resource Page Science Center Displays See my Science

Fun summer science experiments for kids.

Summer Science for Kids

We love to play and learn with science .

How to do science activities with kids ages 3-7 (Good news! It's not complicated.)

Planning science activities for kids ages 3-7 - The Measured Mom

It can be challenging to plan science activities for kids ages 3-7. This post will show you how!

Simple science experiment showing how trees "breathe"

Crafts | Disney Family

Grab your scissors, grab your glue! Find hundreds of Disney-inspired art and craft ideas for kids of all ages including holiday and seasonal crafts, decorations and more.

Making Rain Experiment for #Children - easy to do and a great way to show why it rains! (pinned by Super Simple Songs) #educational #resources

Rainy Days Experiment

We live in a very rainy part of the country. But just in case there is no rain in the forecast, you can still study rain during R week! Rainy Day Coloring Page … sometimes my kids just like to sit and color, especially if I will sit and color with them. Click the image above to print. While you color, play some fun music or listen to rain… Listen to Rain … RainyMood.com plays the sound of rain, that’s it Click here to listen. Rainy Day Songs! Click the links above for music and words. Don’t…

Homemade Bubble Solutions & Indoor Bubbles!

...how a former teacher and her two little ones do preschool at home!

Former elementary and reading teacher doing preschool homeschool style with my own little ones. We share arts and crafts, educational activities, play and sensory ideas, free printables, book recommendations, product reviews, holiday activities, parenting tips, and more! Perfect for parents, grandparents, daycare providers, homeschoolers, and elementary school and Sunday school teachers!

Dip Dyed Craft Sticks | BABBLE DABBLE DO | Learn about color mixing and absorption in this super easy scientific art project!

Science Art Idea: Dip Dyed Craft Sticks Project

Dip Dyed Craft Sticks | BABBLE DABBLE DO | Learn about color mixing and absorption in this super easy scientific art project!

Dancing pasta - a simple, fun science experiment for kids!

Science for Littles: Dancing Pasta Science Experiment

This simple dancing pasta science experiment is a fun, visual experiment that is accessible for young children and fun for all ages!