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Bilderesultat for undervisnings plakater

Number activity and visual reference for number bonds.

Begin teaching NUMBER BONDS by using Use paper chains in different colours ti demonstrate. To the tune of Row Row Row your boat 9 and 1 are number bonds 8 and 2 are friends 7 and 3 6 and 4 5 and 5 are twins. Later, have them show it different ways.

Make it in Spanish.

People Bingo - Whole group activity - The kids have to find someone different to sign in each box and when they have a signature in every box they call out, "Bingo!" yESSSS people bingo, make those kids talk at each other

Oh teaching Spanish...

Funny pictures about Meanwhile in Spanish class. Oh, and cool pics about Meanwhile in Spanish class. Also, Meanwhile in Spanish class.

Character Traits in Categories- Free on TpT!

Character Traits Categories- writing folder ideas or how to talk about characters/character development in reading.