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a book cover with an image of a quilt and the words conversation with bonnie k, hunter
A Conversation with Bonnie K. Hunter: Confessions of a Scrapaholic
We're excited to share our in-depth conversation with self-professed scrapaholic, Bonnie K. Hunter! With eight books and hundreds of quilt patterns under her belt, Bonnie is a true genius when it comes to scrap quilting. So join us as we chat with this sew-lebrity about the art of being scrappy, her iconic Quiltville Inn, and sew much more!
the cover of story telling through quilts with valerie white, featuring an image of a woman's face
Storytelling Through Quilts with Valerie White
February 1st marked the start of Black History Month, and we're diving in headfirst with a detailed look at Valerie C. White's quilt celebrating the life and legacy of enslaved abolitionist, Juliette Miles.This design is a beautiful reminder that quilting is so much more than just fabric and thread woven together — it's a craft that can bring lost stories back to life and unite the past with the present. Our team is honored to play a part in sharing this powerful piece of history.
a colorful poster with the words, color play with gig levi echo by joanie hilton
Color Play! with Gigi Levsen: Echo by Joanie Holton
Gigi Levsen is back with another edition of her stitch-tastic Color Play! Series and we are sew excited! Get ready to explore a vibrant world of Art Deco design as Gigi puts her own twist on Joanie Holton’s quilt, Echo. What are you waiting for? Dive in and discover the joy of playing with colors in quilting today!
a blue object with the words tips for completing quilts from the ufo club
Tips for Completing Quilts from the UFO Club
Most quilters have UnFinished Objects — also known as UFOs — in their quilting studio. From full-size quilts to small passion projects and everything in between, UFOs can come in all shapes and sizes. But luckily for us, Elaine Theriault has the perfect solution for staying motivated! Read on to see how she makes sure she doesn't have a single UFO in her studio at the end of the year.
the pantone color of the year for quilting with peach fuzz
Pantone Color of the Year 2024: Quilting With Peach Fuzz
In the world of design and creativity, Pantone® serves as a guiding light, influencing trends across various industries. And with the recent announcement of the 2024 Pantone® Color of the Year, quilting with Peach Fuzz has been at the top of our team’s mind. So we’ve pulled together ten Peach Fuzz inspired patterns that are sure to make you oh-sew happy!
a woman sitting at a table working on her laptop with text overlay reading breaking bad quilting habitts start the new year on the right foot
Breaking Bad Quilting Habits: Start the New Year On the Right Foot
We'll be the first ones to admit that we've got some not-so-great quilting habits, but 2024 is the year to leave all of that behind! Whether it's unsafe shortcuts or not-so-frugal choices, we're looking at bad quilting habits and how to break them. So what are you waiting for? Dive in and get ready to embark on a cleaner, smarter, and more creative quilting journey!
an open book with the title setting quilting goals refresh your resolutionss on it
Setting Quilting Goals: Refresh Your Resolutions
Want to discover the secret to setting and achieving attainable quilting goals? Well, you're in luck! Our Executive Video Producer Vanessa Lyman is on a resolution-making quest and you're invited to join her on the journey. From teaching others how to quilt to learning new skills and everything in between, this New Year, Vanessa's mantra is "Try Something New."
The team at Quilting Daily is here to spill the tea on our creative New Year's resolutions and we guarantee you'll be inspired! From staying organized year-round to trying out new techniques and everything in between, our crafty crew is ready to dive headfirst into 2024. We're excited to share our goals with you and hope we can inspire you to set some quilty resolutions of your own! New Year's Resolutions, Teams, To Set, Ready, Organization, New Year Goals, Crew, Daily
2024 Quilty Resolutions: Our Team’s New Year Goals
The team at Quilting Daily is here to spill the tea on our creative New Year's resolutions and we guarantee you'll be inspired! From staying organized year-round to trying out new techniques and everything in between, our crafty crew is ready to dive headfirst into 2024. We're excited to share our goals with you and hope we can inspire you to set some quilty resolutions of your own!
sewing supplies with the words how to make quilts with recycled materials and sew much more
How to Make Quilts with Recycled Materials & Sew Much More
Have you figured out your 2024 New Year's resolutions yet? Well Kristine Lundblad, Managing Editor of Quilting Arts Magazine, has already set one major goal that we think everyone should get behind: buy less, use more. If you're not sure where to start when it comes to sustainable quilting, don't worry! We're sharing a few fun and eco-friendly methods for using fabric scraps and other leftover materials to take your quilting projects the next level.
people holding sparklers with the words ring in the new year our favorite new year's quilting traditions
Ring in the New Year: Our Favorite New Year’s Quilting Traditions
As we say goodbye to 2023 and get ready for the New Year, our team is diving into our favorite quilty traditions that will help you start 2024 off strong. So what are you waiting for? Dive in to discover how we set ourselves up for success at the beginning of the year and snag some tips on how you can do the same!
a blue and white pattern with the words blocks you can make from triangle squares
Blocks You Can Make from Triangle Squares: A Simple Unit with Many Options
Join us as we explore the enduring popularity of Triangle-Squares, also known as Half-Square Triangles (HST). The secret behind their widespread use lies in their user-friendly assembly process, making them a go-to choice for quilters of all skill levels. Beyond their simplicity, the versatility of Triangle-Squares opens up a myriad of design possibilities, with a plethora of blocks waiting to be crafted from these cornerstone units!
a blue and white photo with the words color play with gig levin's friends crossing
Color Play! with Gigi Levsen: Friendship Crossing
Dive into a world of vibrant quilt hues with the latest edition of Gigi Levsen's Color Play! series. Explore dazzling diamonds, beautiful stars, and endless creative options for Friendship Crossing by Carol Moellers. You'll love seeing how Gigi showcases her unique take on this pattern, opening up a realm of fun and imaginative quilt color possibilities!
how to starch fabric for quilting a good solution with text overlay that reads, how to starch fabric for quilting a good solution
How to Starch Fabric for Quilting: A Good Solution
Don’t you wish fabric wouldn’t wobble when you cut it, wouldn’t stretch when you sewed along its bias, wouldn’t creep forward when you sewed it to another patch? Well, your wishes can come true – in a bottle of laundry starch!
two rolls of jelly roll quilting with the words jelly roll quilting explain
Jelly Roll Quilting Explained
Are you a newbie quilter bewildered by sweet-sounding terms like 'jelly roll' and 'honey bun' that you see around your local quilt shop? Well these are goodies that won't add to your waistline — they're actually delectable bundles of 2½" precut fabric strips! Think of them as quilting shortcuts that can save you time and energy, allowing your creatives juices to really flow.
a book cover with the words, maximumism in quilting permission to be fancy
Maximalism in Quilting: Permission to be Fancy
Luana Rubin says it's time to embrace the resurgence of maximalism, and we have to agree! There are sew many ways to infuse this trend into your next project; you can mix and match funky florals with giant geometrics or dive head-first into intricate sewing techniques to create a masterpiece. You really can't go wrong — but don't just take our word for it, see what Luana has to say!