Thomas Fjeld

Thomas Fjeld

Thomas Fjeld
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Bread Bowls!

Perkins - Hilliard Ohio - Used to serve delicious bread bowl salads or bread bowl filled with spaghetti and meatballs. The bread bowl tasted so good covered in ranch dressing!

Mozzarella Basil Bread - just because it sounds lovely

mozzarella basil bread, not too hard to make at all. I've made several loaves, and it can be made with or without a bread machine.

Focaccia Alla Genovese

Take five minutes today to make the starter, also called sponge, and tomorrow you can bake two loaves of this marvelous, slightly sour, rustic Italian bread that has a hearty crust.

Home made Mexican/Spanish Chorizo

You& need a meat grinder, either hand or electric, to make this homemade chorizo sausage brimming with spices. The sausage should rest overnight to develop its full flavor. Fry as patties, or stuff into casings and grill.


Gulaschsuppe - Hungarian Goulash - Allrecipes - I would use more paprika (sweet and sweet hot) and skip the cayenne, leave out the lemon juice and grind up the caraway seeds first. Serve over buttered cabbage noodles instead of pasta.