Un Dimanche à Paris : Le restaurant

Un Dimanche à Paris. They do a salon de the and a salon de chocolat. A very modern space and the service is insane. A truly Parisian foodie tea.

God mat på Skeppskaien i Stockholm. Mr French by Stylt Trampoli

Stylt's latest is an old customs house hard by the waterfront in Stockholm - a rough packaging for sophisticated pleasures, with a Roaring Twenties vibe. At Mr French (who IS that, anyway?) American generosity blends with French finesse and the result is

terasse in passage Vivienne

A Priori Thé Galerie Vivienne, 75002 Paris, France 1 42 97 48 75

Pighuset Tapas & Cava

Pighuset Tapas & Cava

kupp restaurant, paddington interiors

Kupp restaurant is perfect if you are looking for; the best places to eat near Paddington, coffee bars in Merchant Square or London Scandinavian restaurants

Les Trois Cochons, © Martin Dyrløv

Les Trois Cochons, Værnedamsvej offers traditional French cuisine and is owned by the people behind the Cofoco restaurants, known for affordable quality.

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