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Your day will go the way the corners of your mouth turn.
minna may: do something for you http://www.minnamayblog.com/2015/06/do-something-for-you.html?utm_content=buffer97e0b&utm_medium=social&utm_source=pinterest.com&utm_campaign=buffer #lettering

Words To Live By

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the letters are black and white, with different font styles on it's sides
Mirna Pierre — View typeface
two different font styles, one with the word modern on it and another with an image of
Lost Lovers Serif Typeface / Calligraphy Modern Vintage Urban / Photoshop / Download Now
the font and numbers are all in different styles, but there is no image to describe
Vultura - Classic Font
Vultura - Classic Font on Behance
the font and numbers are all in black on a light beige background, with white lettering
elegant, art deco-inspired serif font
Sauvage – An elegant, art deco-inspired serif font with beautiful alternative characters, creative ligatures and multilingual support. (+ 4 free logos) Sauvage is a smooth criminal. Wild and majestic in its appearance, this typeface ads a dangerously elegant twist to every design. Although the inspiration for this font draws from the art deco era, Sauvage feels modern and contemporary.
the words three word ditty are in black and white, against a light gray background
Typography, art nouveau inspired vintage letters, sleek and modern graphic design. Minimalist black and white poster design. #typography #vintage #minimalist
black and white typeface with the words ba bao on it
Font & Typography Design | By VJ Type Foundry
layout design + type | Julie de la Playa
an orange and pink poster with the words open
Christopher Doyle & Co — CommUNITY
Studio Christopher Doyle & Co Country Australia Designer(s) Creative Director: Christopher Doyle Designers: Wilson Leung, Emily Sneddon Description We wanted to use type to convey the ideas of acceptance, safety and support that come with true community. Throughout the process, we also discovered the letter U could live at the very centre of the arrangement, and that a simple colour change could highlight the individual's place and role in the design, and thus the community. Webs
the front cover of grow magazine with flowers and leaves on it's black background
RoAndCo on Instagram: “Reflecting on the past decade, we have experienced immense personal and collective growth. We’ve evolved in ways we never expected and…”