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How to Create Halftone Spinning Blur Photo Effect
Hey designers! In this tutorial we'll show you how to create a simple and cool-looking photo effect in Photoshop . . . . . . . . . #photoshop #tutorial #photoshoptutorial #halftone #adobe #blur #photoeffect #photoshoptips #photoshoptricks
Desktop Lightroom presets, Presets woman portrait, Camera raw, Desktop presets, Presets photoshop
Soft Lightroom Preset
@ayitsphotography on Instagram
two people standing in the middle of a desert with one person holding an object up to their head
Surrealist Artist Petecia Le Fawnhawk Creates Desert Magic from the Subconscious — VISUAL PLEASURE
a woman is holding her hands up in front of her face and the other side of her head
Gabriela Martinez
Most parents fear the safety of their child, but what if their child was a danger to themselves. Self harm is a very important issue and using photography and my artwork I feel I could really address the issue.
a man kneeling down in front of a puddle with shoes on it
Humor: 27 Imágenes tan RARAS que te harán cuestionar tu EXISTENCIA ¿WTF?
five shoes are lined up in the rain and there is an ad for radiohead
12 Optical Illusions Made from Shadows
Shadow People
two men are cleaning the street with their shoes and one has his shadow on the ground