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Flim Flam Fluff
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Togegeruge (トゲゲルゲ) from "Chojin Barom-1" 1972

the idea of the front of someone swinging open seems like it should be universally applicable

Who is this fabulous alien?  Is he here to help us, or take over the world with Moth powers?

In the future, no one worried at first when the moth people arrived. Then the sweaters began disappearing, then the scarves, then the sheep.


The children thought this was a bit too much for our parent-teacher conference.

COSMIC MACHINE: Thousand faces cosmic ballet//

Audiences Central has news of the International Mask Festival taking place in Stourbridge from October along with some fantastic images of people

ULTRAMAN MEBIUS’ rogues gallery

I'm not aware of this.Tv creature from Japan but dang it's creepy cool.