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a pink and purple container with scissors, yarn and other items in it
five buttons from 3d printing pla waste
Buttons Using PLA Waste From 3D Printing
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3D Printed Hot Wheels GoPro Car
several different colored caps on top of each other with the word spice written on them
DIY 3D-Printed Mini Storage Containers Threaded for Existing Bottlecaps - Core77
four different colored lighters are lined up on a white surface with the word you spelled out
The Skroll is a fun, pocket-sized embossing machine! - Yanko Design
a hand holding a small metal object with the words geneva roller ruler on it
Geneva Roller Ruler, a Pocket Sized Infinite Ruler
a blue object with an intricate design on it
Viking Hair Pin Brooch Jewellery by VictoriaHofferson
three white plastic knives sitting on top of a black table next to a grid pattern
Ravenclaw Bookmark (Harry Potter) by steve88w
an open book with a wooden bat cut out of it
I made wooden page holder for books. When you are disturbed to read you can use it as batarang :)
two binders with alligators on them sitting next to each other in front of a book
Home Designing
some white plastic pieces on a green surface with one horse and two sleighs
Sleigh christmas card kit 3d print by shink